I used to have a normal life – I had a job I enjoyed, I lived in a nice house with my fiancé and her children, and life was good.

But I also suffered from depression and suicidal ideation.

These lows lead me down a path I thought I’d never tread.

My boss had always made it clear she fancied me, but she was married, and I was making wedding plans with my fiancé, so to me it was all just a laugh.

But as my episodes of depression deepened and the dark thoughts became more prevalent my relationship with my fiancé grew strained.

In a moment of weakness I called my bosses bluff, but when we finally laid our cards on the table she beat me hands down.
We embarked on an affair that would change everything.

Now, several years later, my relationship with my fiancé is but a distant memory and the house we shared is gone.

But the affair I was having with my boss lives on as a shadow. Trapped by circumstance I am forced to live loving a woman I can never have, struggling every day with depression, hope, resignation and loss.

Haunted by the mistakes of the past I find myself trying to build a new life in a world I’d rather not be in….


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