Poles apart

Kandi :
My dinner date with Kandi on Saturday night went pretty well – we ate, watched a couple of movies, talked like old friends and then made out like a couple of kids.. Things probably would have gone further (she was planning to stay the night) but she forgot to bring her contraceptive pill (she takes them each evening rather than in the mornings) so we fooled around on the sofa a bit untill midnight and then I dropped her home again. Whilst possibly not classically beautiful (the words cherubic and Rubenesque spring to mind) she’s easy to talk to and will hopefully prove to be a suitably voracious lover.

Inamorata :
With her new posting soon to be confirmed as a perminant position things between us are looking up. Whilst the heat has been turned down a bit since our last ‘encounter’ we still swap the odd message. At first I took her reluctance to hug as a sign of diminishing interest, but then I remembered where our hugs so often lead (especially when we’re alone together) and I realised she’s probably trying to hold herself back so as not to ‘distract’ me from my burgeoning relationship with Kandi. Everyday I want to message her and tell her what I’m thinking and how I feel about her, but each time I stop myself because I’m not sure she wants to be reminded that she has two men in her life that love her dearly, and neither of them will ever make her truely happy


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