As it should be

As part of our chat last night Inamorata stated that we should be able to meet as just friends, with no expectations of anything else. Me, being a gentleman and all, asked her if this was what she wanted, and, evasive as ever, she replied simply that this is how it should be….

So it was less surprising than usual when earlier today I received an invite to dinner from Inamorata, and, intrigued as ever, I jumped at the chance.

We spent a plesent evening together, but whilst there was plenty of chat about work, family and TV there was a noticeable lack of flirting. This came as no surprise, in my head I’d hoped to walk into her house and be pounced upon, but in my heart I knew tonight was always going to be just a friends thing.

The hug as I left was a little weird, as normally it would lead to at least a kiss and more often rather more, but as I walked down the drive and turned to wave a last goodbye I felt a small but distinct sence of pride beneath the veneer of disappointment.

With last night’s pain processed and expunged in the previous post I awoke feeling pretty good this morning, and strange as it is tonight’s non-eventful meeting has also left me in a positive frame of mind. We can be just friends as and when we (or, more accurately, she) chooses, and I expect this to become the norm rather than the exception in the future, but with any luck I can remind her that this was supposed to be ‘just a bit of fun’ (her words, not mine) and as much as we both enjoy each others company, its in the bedroom that we really excel


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